The seaweed is the result of my almost 30 years of work with glass combined with my life of world visitor. Lands, cultures, shapes and colors got inside me unawares and now I find them incredibly mixed on my bench top. The “seaweed” components are blown in Murano glass . The opera is made in three different moments:

- Designing the “mood” of the piece

- Blowing the components of different shapes and sizes .

- Construction of the opera drilling the wood following the original idea.

The concept of the wood base is born in the September 2017 when I started to use a old piece of wood table found by an excavation team under the water and the ground of a Murano ancient palace foundation.

the green seaweed 

the blue seaweed

the red seaweed 

the skinny rainbow seaweed

the parrot seaweed 

the brown seaweed 

the white stripe seaweed

the rainbow seaweed

the yellow seaweed

the purple seaweed